Day 18: A Sea of Information

Thanks to Internet, getting information has never been easier.

No matter where we are, information about anything in any language is possible to find as long as we have Internet connection.

As much as it is such a great blessing, it is also very effortless to get lost in the sea of pouring information. It doesn’t take so much to get sidetracked on something we wouldn’t have cared in the first place. Sometimes it’s the visual that gets us off of the track. Often the sound grabs our attention. Maybe the feeling we get or the emotion we already had also drives us towards a direction we didn’t intend to go at the beginning. There are so many things turn our heads that we often forget where we were heading.

Having an ample amount of information is supposed to be beneficial. It definitely is for those who use it wisely. But for a person who doesn’t have a purpose, too many resources or options could make goal-finding harder than it should be. Some might not even feel the need to find a reason to have a goal.

But what’s life if we are just aimlessly floating around in a circle. “A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

There are countless of possibilities and opportunities in the world. I am very thankful for living in this era and will get the most of it.

The key to remember is to be focused and not to get comfortable. Having many doesn’t always mean it is good for me. If they don’t serve the purpose, it is irrelevant. Many options and distractions could easily make us want to stay where we are and be entertained. Time, the only commodity that matters, will pass us with us or without us. It is up to us to be ahead of the game or being dragged – or even get lost in the background.

Grateful for a number of tools to use yet challenges I have to face even though they could be falsely pleasing.

I will only think in terms of opulence, not scarcity. I will not fear or sabotage when it’s time for upgrade.



We have everything we need to create anything we want.

Just to know what you want to be.


Always choose the risky freedom over the comfortable slavery.


Privilege of a life time is being who you are.


How I act, what I say & do, what I eat & consume and what I think, read & listen always should align with my purpose and goals.


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