Day 17: Fair Share

I am private and could be competitive. I tend to keep things to myself. Especially when something is very useful, I keep my audience small and share it only with my family and close friends as if it is a treasure.

But being cooperative feels better on my soul than being competitive. Giving always leaves me feeling fulfilled and pleasant.

Maybe that’s why? I have been getting some golden information and finding some answers from people around me. I think it is true that we get what we give.


At work, there are people who come in late, stretches the break, take office supplies, put in half effort and leave early thinking that it is a way to earn more money than they actually get paid for.

But in fact it ends up costing them in a bigger picture, because it hurts the integrity which is priceless. When we cheat/mistreat ourselves, it changes our frequency and as a result we end up attract things we don’t want in life.


My workflow lately has been reduced due to the season. I like learning and improving myself, so I always manage to find something to keep myself occupied and look for something I can help others with – anything I can contribute in exchange of what I get paid to be there and anything I can do in order to be fair.

But I also sometimes do get lazy and put in less efforts. When I do that, I find I don’t make any progress on my own projects after work. Could it be all in my mindset? I don’t know. I just know that when I stay true to myself and diligently put in fair amount of time on work for the employer, I always solve something and have a productive time later at home like it’s a reward.


Could it be because when I’m being honest, my mind is more relaxed so it allows me to spot what I need better? Perhaps.


Honesty frees the soul and relaxed mind offers creativity.

Good things only bring better things.

Grateful for fair and generous Universe that compensates adequately.



My favourite activities.



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