Day 16: Lesson

You become what you think.

You attract what you feel.

You create what you imagine.


How true.


Today has been a lesson because I don’t want to waste another good day like today.

There have been brief good talks with my brother and a good friend, but other than that today should have been spent much more productively as I originally planned.


“Food can do as harm as drugs and alcohol.”

Over-eating, over-indulgence in rich food not only ruins the body, but a nice day too.

“Procrastination and fear kill more goals and dreams than actual obstacles.”

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”

When I get tempted again, I will remember today and how terrible it feels. I’m sure it will prevent me from making the same mistake again.


Grateful for a good talk with my friend and an honest talk with my brother.

Thankful for a wasted day which will remind me of how important self-discipline is.




Only in small doses…

(A picture from the last Summer.)


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