Day 14: Forgiveness

I am having a very important phone call tonight. It’s going to be about reminiscing old memories, sharing deep inner thoughts, being bare-naked honest about everything and eventually forgiving each other.


When I was little, I was a daddy’s girl. I stayed up late or got up from my bed to greet him coming home from work. I had to be the one who opens the door for him and had to climb up on his shoulder and hug his head until he had to eat.

I was going through a tough time in my first year of high school and he was all ears for me and suggested such a brilliant idea that saved me.

When I was leaving for Canada, he supported me in every way possible and trusted me more than 100%.

In my 1.5 or 2nd year in Canada, my parents got divorced and things haven’t been the same since. And during the process, broken hearts and hurtful memories were created. Nothing could have stayed the same if not worse.


Our talk has been long overdue. To tell the truth, I wasn’t going to have this talk. I kept putting it off and hoped that it is not necessary anymore. But as time goes, I know it has to be as soon as I can. When it is not necessary anymore, it would be when I can’t have the talk any more. I don’t even want to think about a chance of living in a regret and guilt due to fear and ego.

I am glad and thankful that I still can make a difference and have an option to move forward.


Because of the time difference, I have to wait until midnight to call, but it’s okay. I have enough time to think then.


I watched this movie in December 2012 and what I eat has changed ever since. I was so blown away that I had to take a picture to remember the moment. Such a life-changing and eye-opening film.


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