Day 13: Please Do Talk to Strangers

This city is known for being “cold” or “hard to make friends”. I can see why people say that, but because of its reputation it seems like people actively create more functions or events.


Lately I wish people here were more open to talk to strangers. Especially, for this one particular person.

If I leave home at 7:32 a.m., I know I will see him. I usually leave before 7:30 a.m., but if I was having such a great leg day in the morning, I would end up leaving a bit later.

The point is that I see this guy when I’m late and it ain’t that bad because then I can “bump into” him.

I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere. At a seminar or on a workshop video… How could I turn this into a conversation? Do I ask? Ah how nerve-wrecking!

He’s got a gentle face. And the perfect height. I always see him in a formal wear. I think I want to see him in a simple t-shirt, too. Or without!? LOL! okay, that’s enough.

This morning he was looking at my direction and I was debating in my mind so hard whether to look at him or not for that four long seconds. If I wasn’t too self-conscious about my hair and makeup-less face, I would have made an eye contact. Damn!

It is crazy to say that I have never made the first move in my life. I mean it’s 2016 for God’s sake! Why am I so old school and still feel that men should initiate a conversation?? Besides, I am also one of those unicorns who still refuses to join online dating websites and not a pub/club goer, either. In this infamous city! Is it time for cats? Oh my God.

I am not actively looking to meet people. I (still) believe that if two people are going to meet, they will. I am just going to focus on my goals and continue to do my thing. I’m sure someone will come across on my path. (Sorry, mum!)

As an avid hiker, trails would be the scene in which I would likely be seen. I have noticed that almost always I see couples during my hike. Speaking of which, today I finally managed to check his left hand. Empty. Yes! That’s a good start. Haha

I am grateful for this butterfly in my stomach. It’s kinda silly. It kinda hurts my stomach. But it makes me smile so big. I’m sure this memory and feeling always will. I wish he would find a way to talk to me.


“Strangers have the best candies.”



My Conquer list. Wonder how long it would take me to visit all of them.


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