Day 11: Chemistry

I strongly believe that the feeling you have about a person is almost always transferred to that person no matter how well we think we can hide it.

And the feeling is usually mutual. If I like someone, the person will likely like me back. She or he can feel it by my demeanor. If someone dislikes me, I can so easily pick that up. It’s something that doesn’t have to be said. It’s simply in the air.

I don’t know too much about metaphysics and quantum physics stuff, but I am super interested and want to learn more about it. As far as I know, thoughts are energy and we are all interconnected. So if someone likes me, it is pretty much inevitable to not feel about it, because that thought energy is being transferred to me.


Today my coworker thanked me for how I have been with the team and my work. I was thrilled and grateful for being recognized and her kindness to point it out to me.

Thanks to Napoleon Hill, I indeed made sure I was going extra mile in every work that I was in charge for. I also maintained pleasantness to every one who came into my contact. As Tony Robbins taught, I tried to improve myself and my work each every time.

And it wasn’t hard at all. In fact, it has been my pleasure to do so. It’s because luckily for me, every one in my team has been cordial and nice to work with. Was it due to my positive mindset? I don’t know. But my point is that I can’t take the whole credit for it because it was easy due to people around me who have allowed me to do so.

Like Jim Rohn’s quote, ‘You are the average of five people you spend most time with.’, I was able to excel because of the people around me.

I find it fascinating that we are just like electrically charged batteries. Each also has own frequency. When you and someone totally hit it off and there is undeniable chemistry, that’s when the two have the same or similar level of frequencies and that’s why there was a “spark” literally.


Positivity truly feeds each other. Recognition is so powerful and encouraging. It’s like when a child gets scolded for something, s/he loses confidence and become less active because s/he is trying to avoid being scolded again. When we focus on our flaws, we get sucked into it and it becomes all we think about.

On the contrary, when a child receives recognition for a good deed, s/he shines like a diamond and becomes full of energy. Recognition drives us to do more and be better.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on positivity other than negativity. “Where focus goes, energy flows.”


Thank you for great people I get to work with and being recognized for my hard work.

Thank you for everything that keeps me inspired, motivated and positive.


There has been a good news to my mom and step dad. (Finally!)

Haven’t I just recently thanked my mum for staying positive despite the situation and being strong? My family and I are truly living proof of the Law of attraction. I personally experience it all the time. We have been benefiting from it all our lives. We just didn’t realize it.

Thank you Universe for giving us what we have put out. You always give back more than you’ve received. Thanks for your generosity and kindness.



I’m a rebel. Haha

(Taken last year.)


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