Day 10: Fearless

I used to think that dining alone is terrifying. I got over going to a mall alone pretty quickly, but ordering for one was a lot harder to overcome.

It became easier after realizing these:

  1. It is not true that everyone will look at me and think that it’s pitiful. In fact, the number of people who would actually notice is much lower than my expectation.
  2. Whatever they think of me is irrelevant to my life.
  3. You project your feelings. If you are going to be seen alone and worry about how you are going to look to others, you might as well should just own it and be the best you can be.

We shouldn’t need company to feel complete. Company is nice to have, but it is not mandatory to maintain happiness.

Traveling alone has helped me overcome those fears tremendously.

Grateful for the confidence and open-mindedness I have acquired over time.



Describes me pretty accurately. Hmmm


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