Day 9: Time is a Currency of Life

I have decided to enroll in a program which will help me kick start with my ideas and projects.

If I join for the next month, I can save about 48%. But within a month so much can happen. Delaying my progress on the back burner is not something that I am willing to pay. Also I don’t want to lose the momentum. Things can easily get cold in a month. Especially in the stage I’m in, making progress is a daily event. Waiting a month will cost me so much more than the money I will be saving by waiting out for a month.


Also life is not always about money. Money is just a result and a byproduct. What we do or how we live is about motives, purpose and values. I have started thinking everything in terms of purpose, value and meanings.

Time is so priceless. If you owe someone money, you can always pay back later. But if you waste someone’s time, there is no way you can make up for it. Punctuality is always a crucial factor to build trust.

Trading time for money is the worst transaction one can make. Either a king or a beggar, every one has the same amount of time a day. No one can put away to save it or transfer between individuals. Some make so much out of a day, and others don’t. Time always distinguishes who has been using it wisely or not. Time rewards the former by compounding and penalizes the latter by compounding too.

There are so many valuable things that money can’t buy. They often require our presence to acquire or experience and we can’t be present if we don’t have time. Time is precious.

A real winner is who utilizes the time wisely, not who accumulates immensely.


Momentum. Passion. Purpose. Value.

Life is a big bundle of gifts. There are small ones, big ones, more valuable ones and less valuable ones. Regardless which one you open, it is always fun and exciting. The key is not to get disappointed when the one that you just opened is smaller than you wanted or less valuable than you expected. Because no matter what, it’s a gift! It’s enough to be happy about!

Thank you for all the gifts life gives me.



An old picture from several years ago. Taking a bite out of a home-grown crabapple.

I have a great respect for farmers. Crops are such amazing gifts from mother nature. Noticed that in farming, time is a key ingredient.

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