Day 8: Mother is Another Name of Strength

I am often surprised by how pure and genuine my mom naturally is, considering all the life events she has experienced so far. They could have made her tainted and left her less hope, but she somehow managed to stay positive and pleasant.

She laughs like a young girl. She is soft and gentle like a cosmos flower. But when what she values is at risk, her fierceness can impale like there is no end.

She trusts others as if they are as honest as she is and she forgives like she has nothing but love to give.

She is also full of wisdom that not many people generally realize. The best part of her is that even though she is very intelligent, she doesn’t think she is and she knows to word it the way anyone can easily understand. So her modesty and thoughtfulness make her stand out among the crowd even more.

I am very lucky that not only someone like her is in my life, she is in my life as my mother! Winning a lottery is such a slim chance and winning it twice is next to zero probability. If the fact that she is my mom isn’t equivalent to winning a lottery twice, I don’t know what is.

Currently she is providing tremendous emotional support to my stepdad to hold himself together and not to lose faith. It is something that effects her as well, so it must be tough on her too. But when I talk to her, she is very well content and even makes sure if I am doing alright about it.

She is my biggest motivation to succeed and live a fulfilling life that has a positive impact in the world.

Thank you for your existence, every word coming out of your mouth, every thought and everything you do.

If there was just one more person like you in this world, I know this world would have been a better place to live.

Love you more than myself and anything else.



My infinite source of everything I need.


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