Day 6: My Power Source

My brother is the most thoughtful human being I know. He is sensitive, detail-oriented, sentimental and imaginative.

He is only four years older than me, but as I was growing up, it felt like a huge difference to me.

Because of him, boys in my school couldn’t tease me and girls wanted to be friends with me. Because of him, I never had to worry about running out of stuff. Anything! Gadgets, snack or money. Because of him, I always felt protected and important.


When I went home for Christmas last year, I saw him using cool looking Bluetooth earbuds, Jabra. It only took one word ‘Cool’ to prompt him to order me a new pair while I was using the washroom.

I told him couple of weeks ago that my first crush was Mido Arashi, a cartoon character. We had a good laugh followed by a nostalgic nice long chat. A few days later, he sent me a soundtrack of the cartoon. It’s a cartoon from the early 90’s! How the hell did he even find that? It totally made my day.


As I get older, connecting with him means so much more to me. We talk about the good old 90’s, work as adults, family as siblings, relationships, books, music and trends.

Thank you for unconditional love, understanding, care and honesty. He truly lets me know that there is no limit and also puts me back to the right place when I’m about to sidetrack. He understands me inside out. Maybe even better than I know myself.

When we start a family on our own and life advances more, things could change. But I know that we will always be able to look back how close and supportive we are now and remember that we will always have each other’s back.



Drinking 4L of water everyday! I don’t always accomplish it but still feel good to try!

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