Day 4: Running with the Big Dogs

If I am the fastest runner in my group and I keep running with them, will I be running faster next year?

If I join a faster group and become the slowest, will it hurt my ability because it hurt my ego?

Getting with the big dogs at the beginning is intimidating and even discouraging. But I believe that once I overcome that stage, I will eventually become one of them.

As Jim Rohn said, you are the average of six people you spend most time with.


I try to attend workshops as much as I can in order to learn and maybe meet like-minded individuals or make connections.

This evening I attended a workshop about a subject that I will eventually have to know about at some point soon. I am not quite in that stage to utilize the information the workshop was about just yet, but  it wouldn’t hurt to give myself some exposure first. When I hear it the second time, I will understand better because of it.

So I went and it was very informative. I really admired the speaker’s truthfulness and enthusiasm despite his cold. I was so focused that for a second I felt like it was just two of us in the room talking.

Another reason I went to this workshop was to meet one of the organizers in person. We have been already in contact via email from a different workshop before but it was going to be the very first time of meeting face to face.

I already had a good feeling about this guy from his emails and the way he communicated. Meeting him in person confirmed that his sincerity I felt was real.


One thing I noticed from going to business workshops: When things get really technical, it feels like the whole thing is just too much to handle and something I am not ready for. On the top of that, several attendees often ask super sharp questions and ask for even more advanced information. They always seem to have done all that already.

I couldn’t help but find myself feeling so small before. Now I am definitely feeling less intimidated and able to transmute that emotion into motivation.

It has been another good day today and I am again grateful.


Grateful for the environment that will benefit me and put me forward.


Thank him for reaching out to me and getting me the idea that asking for help is a great idea.

No one can do a great thing alone.

He might have been just doing his job, I don’t know. But when I finally met him in person, his energy really spoke to me. I felt that he was genuinely caring and wanting to help people like me.

Bless those who love to share their knowledge and help build each other.


Every day in every way I love this town and this country more and more.

Thank you.


Jerryonaspacescooter copy


He is going to be pixelated into the space.

Oh good times.

Inside joke.

– my first digital creation from imagination to a visual image.


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