Day 3: My Very First Presentation

One day I have come across this question:

Would you still do what you do if money wasn’t involved?



The time I had encountered with this question was when I was still deep in the rat race (unknowingly) and climbing up the Corporate ladder vigorously.

I used to think that if I finally become someone high up in an Oil and Gas company or a large firm, my life would be “complete”. Funny how absurd this sentence sounds to me now, even though it was said only a year ago.

I was luckily (!?) positioning quite far up in the Corporate jungle despite a short time, so I was quite happy in it. But I remember I always felt like something was missing. Something was not fulfilled. I had simply brushed off and told myself that it must be because I still “need” to climb further up.

Going back to the question, when I was asked that ‘if I would still do what I do now if it wasn’t for money’, my instant reaction was ‘Hell, No.’


If anyone asks me the same question now, my answer would be resounding ‘Yes’.

I am very passionate about wellness and fitness, environmental movements and supporting local businesses. After that life-altering question, I started looking into what I can do to be involved in those matters whether I make money or not.

When I thought of myself promoting the messages and ideas that would benefit everyone’s health and happiness as well as the environment, and raising awareness of harmful effects of chemicals and substances that people normally wouldn’t know about and should know about, I feel the heat of flame within me. It is just so plain to see that I could just do it for the rest of my life for free. I found my purpose.


Next step I needed to do was to find out how to turn these ideas to reality.

I am still working on it, but to note, this thought process had initially taken place several months ago from now. I made some progress in my projects, but it’s too slow and little to satisfy.

I still work for someone else. But this time it is by my choice. I am not working because I need to. I am working because I want to.

Unfortunately I do trade my time for money. But money isn’t the only thing I get out of it. I’m in the ocean of the resources that I need in order to pursue my projects and I am making a number of very valuable connections – personally and professionally.

Because I am in this organization that is heavily involved in Environmental matters, I get to handle relevant information and even talk to some of key individuals.

Today, I finally gave a presentation to show my interests and seek opportunities to someone in an eminent role. I personally find him amiable and feel that his frequency gets well with mine. I also know that he is a fellow conscious eater and lifter, too which is a big plus. He was kind enough to recommend what I could do next.

I am usually the quiet one unless I get comfortable. I am a listener other than a talker. I haven’t had many chances to give presentations to become a good speaker just yet.

So for me to arrange this and execute this out of nowhere was not the easiest thing to do. But I did it anyway.

I heard myself talking and should have sounded so much better because what’s in my head is sooooo much profound than how I worded..


Thank you for this tremendously benefiting opportunity to express my passion, to hear myself speak so that I know how badly I need to improve myself, and to break out of my shell and reach for what I wanted. I don’t know where this would lead me, but I know it will be the direction I need to be heading.

Thank you for the Law of attraction. I wasn’t looking for this job, but the Law was in the works and it sent it to me when I needed in the form of what I can utilize for my purpose.



I’ve gone natural for quite a while now in terms of not only food, but also personal care and cosmetic side. My eye liner, moisturizer, toothpaste are all homemade with food ingredients. So I naturally didn’t want to dye my hair anymore with factory-made toxic chemicals.

Since I had a year old Ombre hair that became looking brassy, I wanted to darken entire hair and grow it out.

So I dyed my hair with botanical hair tint which is 100% natural.

Ingredients: Indigo Powder, Henna Powder, Black Tea, Lemon Juice.


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