Day 1: I will surprise myself by doing this.

In March this year, my good friend told me that I sound like Tony Robbins. Back then I didn’t know who Tony Robbins was.

“Who the hell is Tony Robbins?”

“Well, look him up!”

I googled the name and recognized his face. I realized I’ve seen his face somehow from somewhere, but I had simply thought that he was a fitness model or something.

I learned that he’s a very well known motivational speaker and there were many search results including his audiobooks. As my goal was to find out how he sounds, I clicked on one of the videos.


I must say that first of all, I am very flattered that I was able to sound like him even just a bit! Whatever that man says is like a Life Fertilizer! I am so happy that my friend found my message motivating and helpful.

And since this discovery, I started listening to a lot of seminars and audiobooks from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and so forth.

(Thank you, Alex!)

They all highlighted how sharing is fulfilling and crucial to grow. They also pointed out that expressing gratitude creates true happiness and returns multiplied.


I always wanted to start a blog, but the thought of sharing what I know stopped me and questioned me ‘Why?’.

Beside, I’ve been extremely private. I left Facebook in 2013, because as the number of Friends grew, I felt like my identity became an open book even though I didn’t really post anything. Not sure why, but being on Facebook made me feel somewhat vulnerable.

I also kept my Instagram account away from my friends, because I wanted to use it only for recipes and workouts. (Now that I think about it, because I didn’t have anyone I know as a follower, I actually opened up more of my life on IG than FB. Hmm, Interesting human psychology.)

I only shared my life on Snapchat with close friends. That was it.


Then on June 30, I decided to finally start a blog for real.

I wanted to break out of my shell and start sharing.

And I wanted to express my appreciation and wanted to do it daily as many great minds recommend. In order to do so, I needed it to be a project so that I stay on it.

Having a blog sounded like a perfect way to achieve both.


So here I am, opening up more of myself to the world. Not sure what the outcome of this would be for me and who would stumble upon my blog and end up reading any of these, but just this act itself is huge for me.


I am happy and grateful for knowing what I know, learning everyday, and everything that has happened to me even the dark moments because they all turned out to be in fact blessings in disguise. – Life is like bodybuilding. Those weights make us sweat and give us pain, but in a bigger picture, we couldn’t have become stronger, bigger, and fitter without them. Weights are essential for growth and trimming.



Sharing above picture: Speaking of my good friend, this was taken when we were enjoying a nice sunny Sunday.


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